Frenté Winterguard was formed in 2007 to provide a unique educational opportunity not available to many performers in the Fresno County area. By joining ties with Fresno State and the Fresno State Bulldog Marching Band, Frenté is able to scout talent in the area, recruiting students who would otherwise miss out on indoor color guard competitions. The main goal of Frenté is to create a growth cycle that will allow local talent to stay in the area, as well as train the next generation of pageantry performers.

Every season, from October to April, Frenté creates two color guard performances involving physical choreography to a set soundtrack that allows members to compete at local, state and national competitions. In addition to competing, Frenté hosts two competitions for local color guard groups. Frenté also organizes 7-8 summer camps for students of all ages across the San Joaquin Valley, giving these students the opportunity to grow through technical training and performance experiences.

Frenté dedicates its time to these shows and camps, using them as opportunities to promote the activity throughout the San Joaquin Valley. To accomplish all of this, Frenté hires color guard, dance and pageantry instructors with years of expertise to share with their members. Acting as a team, this core of individuals provides an experience that promotes a continuous cycle for their members, ideally teaching them how to become competent instructors themselves.